This blog is designed to inspire trade show exhibitors to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas. As the president of Skyline Montreal, I encounter many stories and track tricks of the trade shared by Skyline Displays, Exhibitor Magazine, Trade Show Week and more. I additionally want to inspire Quebec based companies to get better tradeshow results by exhibiting better.  One tip just may make the difference between an ok show and an excellent show. One extra lead may be the big sale you need to take it to the next level. Or, sometimes switching the game plan during an event or show season is necesary too. Look out for our monthly tips via email (now translated monthly en français!) or check out all the archives here. Our local website is also being updated as quickly as possible to share all our translated material and provide you with industry ressources.

Lastly, I want to inspire artists, designers and business people alike, to be creative in everything you do. Add colour, be simple, don’t tell the whole story, be original, take advice, give advice, share knowledge, take chances, love everyday and take the time to manage details. Plan, plan and plan.

Happy Tradeshowing, and please share your stories!


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